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Tial is proud to declare about launch of new division - manufacturing of high-quality geocells. The new activities are initially based on a leading position of TIAL in domestic polymer industry. Geocells under GEOMODULE brand name are specifically designed to reinforce soils during construction works.Geocell GEOMODULE is the unique solution for soil reinforcment for any constuction and repair works. GEOMODULE is a cellular structure made of PE tapes of 1,3-1,8 mm (52-72 mills) thickness tied with high-strength welded seams in staggered order.The geocell stretched in operation form constitutes a stable horizontal-vertical frame designed to fix filler (soil, sand. Concrete etc.).
GEOMODULE is made of HDPE and LDPE mix. The cell sides have embossed surface to increase grip of cellwith filler. Perforation holes of geocell perform complementary reinforcement of soil with the help of sowing grasses rootage. Additionally the holes allow easier water filtration.

This three-dimensional structure of the geocell is indispensable in places with multi-vector tension forces, as for example on slopes with angle up to 45°C  . Application of GEOMODULE is most effective for reinforcement of moist soils like swamps, marshes, river beds, underflooding areas.
Application of GEOMODULE:
  • ground stabilization, slope protection, earth retention;
  • railway construction, reinforcement of ballast section;
  • retaining of walls and adutments; cost-effective development of constuction sites; pipeline and sewer support;
  • constraction of airports and airdromes;
  • rail bed reinforcement and road base stabilization;
  • constuction of headwalls;
  • construction of service roads to oil and gasfields.
GEOMODULE benefits:
  • high tensile strength of the tape;
  • high tensile strength of welded seam;
  • perforated and embossed GEOMODULE walls do not require special fillers to be placed inside cells;
  • flexibility of cell at any temperatures during construction;
  • easily stretched into working form at any temperatures.

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